Marco Schätzing and Laura van Regenmortel winners of Merida City Mountainbike in Apeldoorn

In General | on April 4, 2016

Marco Schätzing and Laura van Regenmortel  won the first City Mountainbike race of the season, during the competition that took place in Apeldoorn as a side event of the Giro de Italia. Over a narrow and tricky 800 metres track, the European and Dutch Champion Jeroen van Eck, started the day seting the best time in the individual time trial with 1:33.104″ and with an average speed of 33 km/h, followed by David Nordermann and Schätzing. Laura van Regenmortel did the same in the UCI women´s competition ahead of Lizzie Witlox and Majlen Müller in 01:42.822″ and with an average speed of 30.36  km/h.

Jeroen van Eck did not qualify for the quarter finals, so the  UCI men´s final was a very intense battle between Fabrice Mels,Lehvi Braam, Alexander Bunn and Marco Schäzting. Mels and Braam crashed when the second one tried to overtake him after the truck obstacle,after losing the first position with Mel´s overtaking before entering the City Hall. Marco Schätzing won the race followed by Bunn and Mels, while Braam was relegated by the commissaries to the fourth position.

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At the women´s race Van Regenmortel won over last year’s winner Lizzie Witlox, Majlen Müller and Simone Cornelisse. It was the first time that the ladies race was UCI category, which is an important opportunity for City Mountainbike to promote women´s cycling and add more eliminator races to the cycling calendar.

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Beside the Eliminator race, today the riders competed for the first time in the Short track (XCC) the new competition of City Mountainbike for 2016. More than 35 cyclists rode for 30  minutes in the track with five sprints. Fabrice Mels and Lizzie Witlox were the winners this time.

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Merida City Mountainbike in Apeldoorn was a success! A hard race over a spectacular and very demanding track with very enthusiastic fans that came to watch the race in front of the City Hall. We will be back next year!