• 2018 Practical information Columbus

      Event location

      Broadway , GA 31901 Columbus


      Book your group rate for UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup

      Start date: 6/1/18
      End date: 6/4/18
      Last day to book: 5/10/18

      Marriott hotel(s) offering your special group rate:

      Columbus Marriott  for 99.00 USD  per night

      How to get there?

      Looking for a travel arrangement? You can send a travel request to sports@bcdme.com (ask for Chantal or Peter). In order to get the best rate, we strongly recommend you to include the following information:

      • Please refer to City Mountainbike in your request
      • Departure (country of origin) + destination (city and country)
      • Travel dates
      • Amount of checked baggage
      • Please mention dimensions (LxWxH) + weight of your sporting equipment

      You will receive an offer from BCD Sports to complete the accommodation request. All further (financial) arrangements will be dealt directly with BCD Sports. City Mountainbike is no longer involved as intermediary.


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