An interview with Nico Vink

In General | on March 27, 2014

1) Where do you get the inspiration for CTM obstacles?

Me and Kristof Lenssens grew up riding bikes. From XC to Dirt Jumps, Skatepark, MX and downhill.

To keep our riding fresh we have been building our own trails and obstacles and that’s where we find our inspiration.

2) What kind of obstacles needs City Mountainbike tracks?

The tracks need a few spectacular features like jumps combined with some technical sections.

3) What can you tell us about them?

There will be a new burm in this years City Mountainbike. Also we designed some ideas that will challenge riders´s technical skills such as the artificial rock garden an a bridge with steps up the hill. The steps are mixed with flat banks so you can create multiple lines to get up the obstacle.

Our main goal is to keep it interesting for the riders and to create the City Mountainbike tracks in a way that the technically better rider has a advantage like riding in the mountains.

4) What do you think about City Mountainbike as an event?

Its a good format to bring MTB to the people being organised down town. An other thing is that with this kind of format there’s loads suspense kinda like cyclocross.